What is “Professional Level of Trust”?

Businesses today understand that the way to become a thriving success and maintain it, is by continual engagement with repeat customers as well as potential customers. Due to this on-going contact, there is an increase in marketing material being created for consumption. Sometimes in the excitement of keeping up with a growing and ever-changing marketing industry, mistakes can happen. We, here at TGary Proofing Services, want to help you avoid those mistakes by building your professional level of trust with your clientele.

What does the phrase “professional level of trust” mean? As a business, the customer trusts you to provide a high quality product, exceed expectations, and consistently provide the best possible customer service on the market. I know your services/products are excellent, but what makes a customer even take a leap of faith to buy your service/product? Hint… Everything! Specifically, your written documentation: ads, email newsletters, testimonials, and reviews. Everything your customer can read from you or about you is a direct reflection of the quality of work you will provide. If your content is riddled with errors, potential customers may never take a chance on what you have to offer. Grammar issues and typos in your written communication show a lack of professionalism and laziness. The details matter. Your bottom line is depending on it.

As your brand gains more recognition, we are here to help you build/maintain a professional level of trust with your clientele. We are here for you! Don’t hit send, submit a document, or present a proposal without a proofreading or copy editing review. Let us help you make a great first impression. We are here for you!

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