Insight Into My Journey

I recently shared with someone the reasons why I became a business owner; here is a portion of my story.

I never thought I would be a business owner. My situation in life required me to stretch beyond the boundaries I originally set for myself.

My husband is in the military, so we move around a lot, which means I would be destined to find a job every 3 years, and on top of that we had our first child a couple years ago. Because of my faith in Christ, my primary responsibility will always be to my family, so becoming a business owner was the natural progression. I’m available to support my husband through all the trials of his demanding career. I can nurture and homeschool our daughter. I can pursue my own passions and have a creative outlet. It’s a win-win-win.

My passion for proofreading and copyediting began at a very early age through the joy of reading. I developed a love for reading the way people put words together. The English language is so complex that 5 people can have the same sentiment, but express it in 5 different ways. My role as a copyeditor allows me to help with clarity without changing the author’s voice. The services that I provide are all about enhancing others, which is very important to me. I have never wanted the spotlight, but I can help you shine bright.

If you would like to know about my English degree or my professional experience, check out my website.

~A Reader Turned Copyeditor

Ternerame Gary, Owner

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