Are you seeking more information about our business? We have taken the time to compile a list. Here are 10 commonly asked questions about who we are and what we offer.

  1. What is a proofreader? copy editor?
    • A proofreader provides the service of double-checking your written communication for grammar, typos, and punctuation as a final step before publishing.
    • A copy editor checks for grammar, but also provides a line by line check for flow, style, tone, and clarity.
  1. Why is it necessary to have a proofreader review your written communication?
    • The biggest reason is to protect your professional integrity. A proofreader provides you with an extra layer of security to ensure your written communication is clear and professional.
  1. Why should I hire you?
    • You should hire TGProofing Services because we provide high-quality work. We care about your projects, and we will work with you to ensure your written communication is ready for your target audience.
  1. Do you write original content for business owners?
    • We do not provide original content for business owners, but we do assist with rewriting your material to ensure documents are grammatically correct and error-free.
  1. Do you only work with business owners?
    • No, we work with anyone seeking assistance with their written communication.
      • Example – students, writers, authors, etc.
  1. What sets you apart from other editing services?
    • We provide personal, one-to-one services that are unique for each client.
    • We ensure your voice shines with each document.
  1. Do you only provide proofreading services?
    • No, we also provide data entry services, formatting, and research, as well as offer simple designs using the Canva platform. SERVICES
  1. How did you create your company name?
    • The company name was formed by combining the founder’s first initial of her first name and last name.
  1. How did you determine fees?
    • Fees are competitive and based on standard industry rates. PRICES
  1. What is the best way to contact you?
    • Email is the best way, and you can send an email to to schedule a free consultation.  
    • You can also use the form on our website by clicking here.
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