*Prices are starting rates.

Flat Rates

Our flat rates for proofreading are $0.03 per word. Flat rate fees for copy editing are $0.06 per word. The minimum word count for the flat rate is 1,000 words.

Hourly Rates

Our hourly rates for proofreading are $30 per hour and $45 for copy editing.

Manuscript Rates

Our manuscript rates begin at $3 per page for proofreading and $6 per page for copy editing. A page is 250 words.

Submission Process

Send all inquiries to

Once your document is received, a review will take place, and we will discuss the editing needs for your writing. You will receive an estimate. Next, you will receive a contract and an invoice to pay half of the total price to start the job. A minimum deposit is also required for hourly projects.

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